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About us

Welcome to Simplistic Home, a sweet small shop in Cambria, California. In our shop, you will find pillows, signs, and tea towels made by our team in our actual brick and mortar Shop!  Six years ago, Simplistic Home began as a hobby, selling wares on weekends in the Garden Shed Courtyard in Cambria, California.  It has grown into a rustic home decor boutique filled with lots of curated items!
Our motto started with stay simple, do what you love.  Over the last 6 years the style has grown and morphed numerous times.  Rustic French designs are our favorite along with some bright colored boho designs!  Simplistic Home is lucky enough to be by the beach, so throw in some beach design, and now we’ve complicated the simple life!  
Simplistic Home has been supported over the years by friends and family, and lots and lots of loyal, dedicated customers who have grown with us over the years.  We are blessed to have all of the love and support you have all shown us.  If you ever visit Cambria, Ca on the central coast, please stop by and say hello, and see all the amazing shops that are located at the Garden Shed!
Much Love,